Our Mission Statement

Capital City Canine Search and Rescue is a volunteer not for profit (501c3) organization dedicated to training and providing, upon request, well trained canine search teams to law enforcement and rescue agencies. Capital City Canine Search and Rescue supports and organizes proficiency tests for search dogs. As well as being available for emergency situations on a twenty-four hour basis, Capital City Canine Search and Rescue, Incorporated performs a variety of educational programs for public and private organizations to further the public’s knowledge, interest, and use of search and rescue trained dogs.

Our dogs are primarily rescued dogs from breed rescues or animal shelters with a few pedigreed dogs thrown in for variety. Various dogs are certified in trailing, air scent, human remains detection, and water recovery.

The handlers come from numerous backgrounds and experiences. The one commonality among us is our love for dogs and our dedication to helping the missing.

Training is a critical precursor to certifying the canine team. In addition to attending out-of-state seminars, we also practice together twice a week, and hold a quarterly SAREX. Handlers are required to attain and maintain certification in CPR, first aid, CERT, NIMS, and ICS. Skills in navigation, wilderness survival, crime scene preservation, canine first aid, and other pertinent competencies are attained through workshops and internal training.

We serve southeast Wyoming and have performed searches in Albany, Laramie, Carbon, Goshen and Platte Counties. We have also been deployed in surrounding states when the need arose.